I have been in the Internet Industry in China for 9 years, I am very familiar with the market and the user behaviour. I have extensive experience of produce online product, running business or campaign in China. I also have wide network in the field which is valuable asset.

If you are interested in extending your business to China, seeking business partners or just simple want to know a bit of the market.

Or you want to cover the local Chinese community in Australia.

Then I can help from many aspects: 

  • Finding/Managing business partner, maintain relationship.
  • Business strategy and development.
  • Digital product strategy for China market, product localisation.
  • Online marketing and promotion, ( Baidu, Weibo, Weixin...etc) 
  • SEM and SEO in Chinese. 
  • Outsourcing and vendor management. 
  • Oversea recruitment. 
  • Translation, Interpreting. 
  • Culture and user behaviour consulting.

If there is anything that I didn't cover please ask, I am more than happy to help.