• Senior digital producer with a successful track record of over 10 years in the field, 5 years corporate career in Walt Disney combined with exceptional entrepreneur spirit with innovated and creative mind.
  • Extensive experience of commercial online service development, management and operation. High-level analytical skills, great ability of decision-making and strategy planning.
  • Hands on experience of online marketing promotion, advertisement, PPC, CPC, Google Adwords, Baidu Paid search, media purchasing/managing and CRM/eDM.
  • Deep expertise in online product design/development across multiple plat-form, from website site to iOS, Android, Win8, TV..etc.
  • Experienced team leader for years, passionate about gathering talents into the team and driving people in different roles to work out the best.




Professional quality

  • 5 years working at Walt Disney - one of the best global company with the greatest culture - shaped me into a qualified, organized man who has loyalty, honesty and ability that will accompany me to any work that I will be doing.

Commercial online business operation and analysis

  • Large-scale commercial online service operation with million-user base.
  • Deep expertise in integrated marketing promotion and campaign.
  • Rich knowledge about establishing social network channel to bring in traffic.
  • Strong experience in SEO, SEM, paid search, PPC, Google Adwords and more.
  • Passionate about data mining and analysis.
  • Extensive experience in data/traffic analysis by using GA and many tools.

Online Product Design and Development

  • Hands-on experience in online product development from concept to delivery.
  • Rich knowledge in multiple platform digital product design, solid understanding of iOS, Android, Windows 8 and web-based platforms.
  • Excellent UX design with user centered design principles and lasted concept of interactive design, plenty of experience of doing skillful product mockups and prototypes.
  • Prolific in Adobe Photoshop and creative suite with modern design approach
  • Intermediate level of HTML, CSS and J Query.
  • Familiar with large-scale online streaming distribution solution, IDC, CDN.
  • Familiar with LAMP, LNMP development environment and Java, PHP development concept.


Project Management


·    Significant experience of small to large-scale project management.

·    Flexible approach with agile scrum project management principles.

·    Deep experience of prioritizing and releasing management.

·    Multiple on going projects management ability.

·    Well balancing resource and projects to ensure the smooth and successful de-livery on time.


Team management


  • Experience of managing team of 24 people with different roles.
  • Passionate about being a good team lead and give the team members motivation, encourage and supervision.
  • Good interpersonal skill and effective communication
  • Solid experience of recruiting and form good team.




Online Producer

Telstra Digital – Business service group

Nov 2013 – Present (5 months)

Key Responsibilities

  • Managing and maintaining Telstra small business and business enterprise website.

  • Working with developer, designer and copywriter to deliver content and user experience improvement.

  • Participate in Telstra Business website rebuild project (on going), assisting team leader to make website revamp strategy; rebuild IA, implement usability testing and wireframe.

  • Engaging stakeholder to establish and implement digital strategy.

  • Working with stakeholder and 3rd part agency to deliver digital transformation project.


Digital Producer

Aug 2013 – Present

Key Responsibilities

  • Deliver digital projects and managing product development across various digital output such as responsive website, CMS, eCommerce site, eDM and SEO.
  • Product management and wireframe, prototyping and user experience design.
  • Client relationship management and engagement


Production Director (Beijing)

July 2010 - Feb 2013 (2 years and 6 months)

A bit of Lekan -

“Lekan is a young start-up company who offers the best online video experience in China. We have soon reached 2 million registered customers after we launched the service in 2011.  We have built it into many different platforms to ensure customers can fully enjoy the service.  Our APPLE APPs has been featured officially in the New and Noteworthy in app store.”

Key Responsibilities

  • Being one of the foundation team, helped to start the company, which soon has grown into a successful online video company with more than 60 people team.
  • Participate in the company strategy planning and scope defining.
  • Overall product idea and long-term strategy planning, implementation and execution.
  • Managing marketing budget and executing marketing strategy which covered social media, paid search, PPC, CPC, synergy promotion, offline marketing and more.
  • Operating the entire online product line and taking the responsibility of various KPI like Conversion rate, traffic volume, site ranking and revenue.
  • Continually design and develop the whole product line includes online website and multiple devices implementation (iPad, iPhone, Android phone and tablet, windows 8, Smart TV, desktop).
  • Build and manage production team combined with product development, operation, front-end, creative and customer relationship.


Production Manager/Producer

Walt Disney (Disney Interactive Media Group) (Beijing)

Aug 2005 - June 2010 (5 years)

Key Responsibilities

  • Worked as main producer in Disney mobile team in the first 2 years and promoted to manager of the online team.
  • Manage and operate Disney online services in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan including website, mobile product and several mobile games, made a big boost of traffic during the working period.
  • Work closely with oversea team from Japan, US to build the global content library.
  • Plan local product development strategy and put it into execution. Enhance the interactive media experience.
  • Participate in tons of synergy projects to coordinate with other division like TV, Movie, Consumer product, publishing....etc. 
  • Manage Disney online production team which has 12 people (Designers and PMs).


Mobile Product Manager

Enorbus Technology (Beijing)

Aug 2004 - July 2005 (1 year)

“Enorbus was a leading start-up company in China Mobile service market and we had very talented team here to build mobile game, SMS, MMS service, Mobile website. Our service had been TOP 10 in the China mobile services ranking list for a long time.”

Key Responsibilities

  • Fully involved in the mobile production strategy planning
  • Design, develop, apply mobile product for China Mobile
  • Operate the entire mobile product line to ensure hit the revenue target.
  • Work with tech team to design and build a comprehensive mobile product management and data report system.
  • Design mobile products with Disney mobile team




Overseas-Qualified Professionals Program (OQP), NMIT, Melbourne

2000 - 2004

Beijing University of Technology - Bachelor, International Business



English (working proficiency)                    Chinese (Native)



*Referees available upon request.