Over the years, I have led, delivered and supported various UX researches and design initiatives across many digital projects and established the user experience and design capability for the organisations that I worked for.
I deeply believe that to be a qualified digital producer, user-centered design and mind set must be a nature part of our day to day work and it indicates the direction of continuously improvement.
A veteran producer must be a good UX designer, only more.

UX Projects:


  • Disney Games
  • Disney Video
  • Disney Snapshot
  • Disney fharacters franchise sites
  • Xstep licensee eCommerce site
  • Disney China official website revamp
  • Various marketing campaigns


  • Lekan main website
    • Lekan Documentary
    • Lekan Kids
    • Lekan Movie
  • Lekan mobile apps (iOS, Android, Windows 8)
  • Lekan tablet apps (iOS, Android, Windows 8)
  • Lekan eBook apps (iPad)
  • Set top box apps (Xiaomi)
  • Physical product design (Gift box..etc)


  • Telstra Busienss & Enterprise site revamp
  • Telstra Small Business site revamp
  • Telstra Health
  • Telstra Digital Summit
  • Telstra University Challenge
  • Telstra Vantage 2015
  • Insight.telstra.com.au
  • Various business product sections


Wireframe and prototype with interaction is arguably the most efficient and cost-saving method to conduct an effective user research. In a modern agile team, this could be best way to communicate with stakeholder and customers to get useful feedback. That’s why in my projects, wireframe and prototype has always been an important step and my favorite part of the journey.